Published Monday, January 5, 2015


AGILE — African Girls' Initiative for Leadership and Empowerment is a program designed for girls ages 9 - 18. AGILE builds girls' self-esteem, reduces their isolation, helps them discover new friends, and reduces the effects of peer pressure.

AGILE's motto is: "Building on our African past for a successful American present and future."

6 Clubs are currently running in Brooklyn Park and South Minneapolis.


Agile Group Highlights

Two focus groups were conducted with MAWA's AGILE participants: Eight Junior High girls participated in one group on February 18, 2009; Four High School girls participated in the other group on February 23, 2009.

Participants reported that overall, AGILE meets their needs and the program objectives of building self-esteem, leadership skills and social skills, promoting the importance of education, and positively reinforcing cultural identity.


Announcing AMAKOLO: A Rite-of-Passage Program for Young African Women

Amakolo Rites of Passage program, a division of the AGILE program, promotes cultural values and self-development for young African women ages 17-21. Traditionally, African parents often rely on certain life lessons, such as sex education, to be taught by elders at a rites of passage ceremony. Since many of African parents in Minnesota do not provide the necessary lessons for their children, the Amakolo program will replicate the traditional rites of passage ceremony. The participants in the Amakolo program will be initiated into adulthood through lessons and discussions with African “aunties” and “big sisters” on the social obligations of adult life. The intensive program will culminate with a celebratory Ball to commemorate the young women’s initiation.

AMAKOLO Program Brochure